Windows and Doors for a Lifetime

No Painting , No rotten wood, No reglazing , The only thing you have to do is wash them, while they keep the whether out and you comfortable and safe inside.
Vinyl frames, double insulated glass with Low E and Argon gas make the new windows and doors unlike any of the old wood windows and doors. We love the old wood windows and doors but the maintenance and energy efficiency just don't compare. These will last a Liftime.

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MI 1650 Vinyl Window $500 completely installed. With Grids $18 extra SALE TILL 1/1/2018 FREE EXTREME GLASS PACKAGE FALL SALE Till 11/30/16
FALL SALE MI 1650 Stats Click to enlarge. EXTREME PACKAGE INFO
Lots of Light
Pella Casement easy open over sink
Soft-Light Kings Royal Slide Sliding glass door Click to enlarge
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