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Was Your Home in Bowie Built By Levitt in the 1960s?

Was Your Home in Bowie Built By Levitt in the 1960s?

Bowie homes built by Levitt in the late 1960s, had 4 inches of fiberglass insulation with a paper vapor barrier originally installed on the attic floor.  The current building code calls for approximately 14 inches of fiberglass attic insulation with a single vapor barrier.

This can be achieved by installing an additional 10 inches of unfaced, no paper, batt (2ft x 4ft) insulation. Batt insulation does not move with air currents like blown- in insulation but can be moved and replace when other attic work needs to be done. We highly recommend this be done to any Bowie Levitt built home.

This is also easily done at the same time the home is reroofed, access through the roof by removing a piece of plywood is much easier than crawling from one end of the attic to the other through a small 2×2 closet access.


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