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What are the Benefits of Window Replacements?

What are the Benefits of Window Replacements?

Home improvement can be an overwhelming task, especially when there are lots of spaces to be remodeled in and outside of the house. Windows are one of the few items that are both interior design features and a crucial, exterior element.If you still have single-paned windows, those have got to go. You are letting money fly out of your house on all sides. Consider a double-paned window insulated with argon gas to provide better resistance against the elements.

At SNAP, we offer a variety of options spanning from Good, Better, and Best so you can choose the window that’s right for you and your budget. Fall is quickly approaching and replacement windows are an essential item to cross off your honey-do list. If your windows are not air-tight, energy efficient, and warrantied, you should consider replacing them.

Our go-to replacement suggestion is the Mi 1650 Vinyl Double-Hung Window. No one wants to pay to heat the neighborhood in the winter so why are you? The Mi 1650 is ENERGYSTAR rated and provides outstanding insulation performance against the hottest and coldest days; no more steamy, condensation streaked windows or cold spots in your house.

 Some of the features include:

  • Welded multi-chamber mainframe design
  • Dual-point weatherstripping
  • True-sloping sill
  • 3 1/4″ frame depth
  • Dual- or triple-pane insulated glass
  • Various grid patterns
  • 8 Exterior paint options
  • Glass Breakage Warranty – Son throws a golf ball through the window? No problem. Mi will come out to replace the glass themselves!


According to ENERGYSTAR, a typical home saves $446/year when they upgraded from single-pane and $59/year from double-paned, clear glass windows in the South Atlantic region (DMV). Check out the graphic here! Don’t let the winter months invade your home and steal your hard earned heat. Keep out the cold with replacement windows this fall!


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