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DO NOT Roof in the Cold!

DO NOT Roof in the Cold!

Do not do it! I have been roofing in Bowie for a long time. It used to say on the shingle wrapping that you need a 50-degrees minimum temperature to apply the shingles. This meant, where applied, so up on the black felt paper on the roof in the sun temperatures may be 50-degrees even when temperatures are lower on the ground.

The key: the shingles are asphalt over a Fiber-glass mat. The glass matt, which is the strength of the shingle, cracks when the nail head impacts the face of the shingle and cracking the glass if the frozen asphalt does not flex. When repairing blown-off shingles we see little rings of asphalt the size of the nail head left behind. Hand nailing helps a little bit.

The self-sealing adhesive will eventually seal when the shingles get hot, so this is not the problem.  A roof that will last without needing repairs for its expected life is the best value. We are so glad temps will be in the 50s with sun next week. Just our opinion.  God bless us all and keep us all safe in 2015.


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