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Important Things to Consider When Buying Replacement Windows

Important Things to Consider When Buying Replacement Windows

Talking to a customer, it struck me how hard it was for him to select a GOOD WINDOW for me to install. He has wood windows, with the glazing almost completely gone; and the storm windows are mostly non-existent.

I showed him vinyl framed, double-insulated glass windows that tilt in to clean.  It has a  20-yr. or lifetime repair warranty. It ranges in price from $350.00 to $650.00 completely installed.

We talked about the new dual-pane R5 ultra performance package on Northeast Camelot Series and the interlocking channel and balances that hold the double-hung open. It’s fine to look at the options so you know what your buying, but please… the $350.00 window we sell (completely installed) is light-years ahead of the old wood windows.

I used to pull all the wood windows out and set them in the yard to wash them and re-glaze them. Whoops! I forgot that I also scraped them and gave them 2-coats of paint inside and out.  Then I reinstalled them, just to do it again 8-years later. In contrast, I can wash all my old (15-yr.) vinyl windows from inside the house in one hour.

A couple of things you want when buying new replacement windows: Make sure you know who the manufacture is and what you must do to get a window repaired before the contractor leaves. Make sure you get a glass breakage and seal failure warranty of  20-yrs. minimum. Then enjoy the process.

Of all the improvements we make, window replacement  seems to bring the  most joy to the homeowner. Some of windows to look at are: Soft-light Pro and Imperial LS, Camelots Crusader by Northeast, Cutting Edge and the Pella 8000 series.

God Bless you and let the light shine in! Check out the Spring Sale on our Windows page.


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